With credits to: xanxus94944 (Taiwan Garena Player)

F/A warcraft III map has exceeded 8MB, therefore you will require the 8MB patch in order to join a host that is hosting the new versions of F/A. If not, you will not be able to run it.This page will guide you on how to install the 8MB Patch as the original website link is in chinese. Note that this is for playing F/A at Garena only.

Download Link:!kBM13QCB!ymU4uTRlqD1J_sL7yD2Wg0RttDN2aLWVkKDMTZS_96g

Step-by-step guide:

1) Download the above link which will give you the file '20140420.rar'.

2) Use WinRAR and unzip the folder and you will obtain folder '20140420'.

(Password for the folder: "Amamiya ikusa share to Bahamut,without consent shall not be reproduced without permission") - Yes, it is the entire sentence.

3) You will only require 3 items from the '20140420' folder, namely Game.dll, msimg32.dll & 原game.dll. You may delete the other 2 items inside the folder.

4) Close Garena and Warcraft III. (MUST DO IF NOT YOUR FILES MIGHT CORRUPT!!!!)

5) Place Game.dll directly inside your "Warcraft III" folder and replace the original one.

6) Place msimg32.dll inside the 'Room' folder, which is found in your 'Garena Plus' folder.

7) Startup Garena Plus and Warcraft III normally and you should be able to join a host with the newer versions of F/A.

[SPECIAL NOTE: You will be unable to access Battlenet if you complete the above steps. To access Battlenet, use the backup "原game.dll" and put into Warcraft III folder, renaming as game.dll. Do note that during any form of replacements, Garena and Warcraft III must always be closed if not files might corrupt.]