What is CTF??Edit

CTF (A.K.A Capture The Flag), is a common game play mode and is found in many first- and third-person shooters such as Team Fortress 2, Marathon (video game), Quake, Urban Terror, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, the Halo series, the Call of Duty series, the Time Splitters series (renamed "Capture The Bag"), and Metroid Prime Hunters. CTF is even in some sports games such as the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and the racing series Midnight Club. Each team has a flag and the players attempt to take the enemy's flag from their base and bring it back to their own flag to score. CTF is most commonly played in multiplayer games.

How was it like for CTF mode on this game?Edit

CTF game mode is a very tiring mode, because it requires a lot, and I mean A LOT!!!!! of teamwork, and strategic. Stat points are very limited in this mode too, makes it people have to think twice before even considering what to spend with their stat. (stat can be finished before even 30 minutes of the whole game). But in CTF mode, player can able to use this mode as a practice mode since the K/D doesn't affect the game score, the player re-spawn time was 2x/3x faster compare to the speed of Arena game mode, and doesn't reset position like death-match does. Speed is the key to this game mode.

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