This page contains information about Command Spells in Fate/Another.

General OverviewEdit

Command spells

Command Spells are a vital part of Fate/Another, able to turn the tide of battle in a matter of seconds if used efficiently. Their effects range from healing, to resetting cooldowns and even resurrection or teleportation.

Each player starts with 12 Command Spells, and this amount is restored every 10 minutes. If a player runs out of command spells, he/she will be unable to use command spells until they are restored.

Stat Points are also required to use Command Spells, with varying amounts required depending on which Command Spell is activated.

To access Command Spells, open the spellbook that is hotkeyed F

This is where command spells are

After using a Command Spell, all Command Spells are sealed for 30 seconds and cannot be used until this time has elapsed. This time limit is shown using the Lumber resource.

Command SpellsEdit

At a GlanceEdit

Name Limit Breaker Skill Reset Restore Health Restore Mana Resurrection Teleportation
Icon Limit Breaker Reset Health Reset Mana Reset Resurrect Mantra Teleportation
Hotkey Q W E R A S
Arena Only? No No No No Yes Yes
Short Description Allows usage of multiple command spells Resets Cooldowns Restores Health Restores Mana Resurrects a dead Servant Teleports a living Servant

Limit Breaker ( Longer Cast )Edit

Limit Breaker

  • Hotkey: Q (F3 F Q)
  • Stats Required: 2
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds (Starts when used)
    • Removes cooldown on all Command Spells for 20 seconds, and all Command Spells cost 1 Stat Point to activate.
    • Special: Does not put Command Spells on cooldown when duration expires.

Skill ResetEdit


  • Hotkey: W
  • Stats Required: 2
    • Resets all cooldowns of skills and items that are in inventory.

Restore HealthEdit

Health Reset

  • Hotkey: E
  • Stats Required: 1
    • Sets health to 100%.

Restore ManaEdit

Mana Reset

  • Hotkey: R
  • Stats Required: 1
    • Sets mana to 100%.


Resurrect Mantra

  • Hotkey: A
  • Stats Required: 2
    • Brings your servant back to life with 50% HP and 30% mana at the point where you died. Disabled in Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.



  • Hotkey: S
  • Stats Required: 2
    • Instantly teleports your servant to the target location. Cannot be used if the target location has not been explored(Black mask still present). Disabled in Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.