This page contains information about God Help in Fate/Another.

Aquiring and using God HelpEdit

God Help is aquired in only two ways; dying 7 times to an enemy (suicide, teamkill and dying to creeps do not count) and when a player leaves in a team mode.

Once God Help is aquired an icon will appear on the bottom left of screen just above the minimap. Clicking the icon will select a unit that has options on what to spend the God Help on.

All God Help items will go into Item Stash (F2). If no room is available it will be on the ground near the Item Stash.

God Help Items/BonusesEdit

16000 Gold - Hotkey (Q) - Adds 16000 gold.

Anti-Magic Potions - 1 stack of 3 - Hotkey (W)

Full Heal Potions - 1 stack of 4 - Hotkey (E)

4 Additional Levels - Hotkey (R) - Increases level by 4 (gives 4 stat points for each level that cannot be leveled up; IE 24 has 4 levels that cannot be added therefore 16 stats.)

  • Can result in a negative effect due to you now being worth a lot more experience.
  • If you are level 24 get this instead of 12 Stat Points as this option adds 16 Stat Points.
  • The text afterwards does not apply at level 24 as it does increase Total Stats at that point.
  • Note that you are not increasing your Total Stat capacity when taking this option as it only levels you faster(IE you still only get 23x4=92 stats total when taking the 4 Additional Levels while the 12 Stat Points option adds to the 92 total by 12 to 104). 12 stat points is better for late game than a forced level.

Watcher Familiar - 1 stack of 4 - Hotkey (A)

12 Stat Points - Hotkey (S) - Adds 12 stat points.