The difference between CTF mode and the other modesEdit

-When right after choosing a hero/servant, the hero/servant's level will be increased to level 12 straight away with 20 stats point given.

-The game is now Round based instead of Point based game, When a Team captures the enemy's team flag, the round will be ended. Similar to Death Match, with exp and 3k given to the players(only for players whom below 5k gold) when the rounds end.(Basically you have to score a point from taking the enemy flag and back to your base's beacon(the circle from your starting round location), not killing your enemies.)[After round Ends, both team do not switch sides like Death-Match do.](Reverted back to the old rule Becuase the new rule is buggy)

-When the player's gold/money is below 3000, they will receive 10 gold per second until it reaches or over 3000 gold.(keep in mind that the Gold Income increaser at the upgrade shop is working too just like Arena do.)

-When a player is holding/taken the enemy's flag, their command spell is seal/disabled.

-When Avenger is holding/taken the enemy's flag, Night Transfiguration skill is seal/disabled.

-When a player is holding/taken the enemy's flag, Warp Portal scroll are disabled/Unable to use.(Didn't check mass warp portal scroll yet)

-When a player is holding/taken the enemy's flag, Speed Gem is disabled & dispelled. (if the player is under Speed Gem's buff)

-The Beacon/Circle has True Sight ability about as large as Blood Fort's AoE.[1000 range] (guessing)

-When a Servant dies, they will be revived/resurrected on their team's beacon/base, resurrection time based on their level. (Formula : Current Base Level + 1 second = Resurrection Time/Re-spawn Time , If Servant is level 15, their resurrection time would be 15+1=16, 16 second for re-spawn time.) [Not Confirm]

-If the Team flag is not at the original position (right infront of their beacon) they can't score a point even they are holding enemy's Team flag and standing on the Beacon. (this is to avoid rush game which has no meaning at all, and it's the basic rules of Capture the Flag game mode on any Game)

[PS: if there is any more changes, please inform me though msn/pm.]