Red Potion
Red Potion
Cost 800
Charges 2
Cooldown 10 seconds
Stock 5
Hotkey Q
Replenish 12 seconds
Combination 2x = 1 Blue Potion

Red potions are one of the most useful items in Fate/Another. They heal you gradually over time for 500 HP and 300 mana, which is absolutely vital for keeping your health/mana up. It's also half as expensive as it's brother, the Blue Potion, which makes it a great cost saver for the Servant with a tight wallet.

Red PotionsEdit


  • Costs 800 gold.
    • Heals you for 500 hp and 300 mana over 10 seconds(+50hp/s, +30mp/s).
    • Cooldown of 10 seconds, which means you can pop them one after the other.
    • Non-combat consumable, getting hit dispels it.
    • Buying two gets you a Blue Potion, which heals for the same amount but instantaneously.


Undoubtedly one of the most useful items in the game, you'll want to always keep one of these in your inventory if possible. The gradual heal over time may not sound like alot, but it can prove to be the difference between life and death in a tight situation. In deathmatch, if you keep one in your Stash and one on the ground beside the stash, you can quickly combine the two to produce a blue potion without having to suffer the 1.5x cost penalty for buying outside of the base.

A must have for all game modes, you simply cannot use your stronger abilities without the additional mana it provides. The only person who is exempt from this is False Assassin.

Blue Potions Edit

Blue Potion
Blue Potion
Cost 1600
Charges 2
Cooldown 40 seconds
Stock N/A
Hotkey N/A
Replenish N/A
Combination N/A

While not nearly as cost-effective as red potions(They cost 2x more for the same amount of healing!), Blue Potions are still extremely useful. Because of its instantaneous nature, if you've gotten into a bit of trouble and can't use a red potion without it being dispelled immediately, it may very well save your life.


  • Costs 1600 gold(2x Red Potion)
    • Heals you for 500 hp and 300 mana instantenously.
    • Cooldown of 40 seconds


Definitely not an item you would want to get at the start of the game, costing a little over half of your starting gold. Preferably wait until you have spare gold before deliberately purchasing one of these. Most people can live without these, and get by using Red Potions for mana and avoiding the enemy to heal instead. If anything, you should be concentrating on not getting hit rather than getting hit and having to heal infront of the enemy. In most cases you would probably prefer to use a Health Mantra instead of a costly Blue Potion when you do get hit. Nevertheless, a useful if somewhat pricey item.