Sentry Ward
Sentry Ward












120 seconds

Sight range



Sentry wards are a very useful item in Fate/Another. They provide you with a remote camera to observe your enemy's movements without having to expose yourself. Being invisible, your enemy won't even know that you're watching him! This can allow you to conduct an ambush on your enemy, as well as warning you of an incoming enemy. They are also the only reliable way to spot True Assassin when he uses his Shadow Surprise skill.

Why hello there.


There are many ways to position Sentry Wards. The most obvious way is to position them inside of a tree, thus blocking their model. However, note that many players play with healthbars on, making this method of camouflage redundant.


If your team wishes to defend, it would be prudent to place a sentry ward at a location where it covers the bridge. This ensures that you will be aware if the enemy chooses to attack over the bridge. Note that, however, if the enemy chooses to attack using an unorthodox method, he might acheive complete surprise as you are focused on watching the bridge.

If your team wishes to attack, you might want to send an owl over to the other side as soon as possible to set up a ward behind the defenders. This will allow you to scout out their positions beforehand, giving you the upper hand. If you use this method, you have to be careful in sending over the owl. If it gets spotted, it will be of no more use to you.


There are many ways to use wards in Arena mode, for both defense and offense. An obvious way to use them is to mark your territory with, enabling you to see when the enemy makes an incursion onto your territory.

You can also use wards to mark respawn sites, enabling your team to quickly teleport to the enemy when he respawns and take him out. This can be a good way to keep the opposing team off-blance, ultimately giving you the win.